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Trikala Farms LTD

Cultivation, Packaging and Trading Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

FILIRA, 42100

TEL: +30 210 6120090
+30 210 6120383
email: info@touron.gr - info@trikalafarms.gr

News and Announcements

New Products!

Trikala Farms LTD goes even further and brings its delicious Butternut Squash to your plate. Fresh or frozen Butternut squash is now peeled, washed and served for you and your guests.

The very best Butternut Squash is carefully picked and promises an outstanding taste free of additives and preservatives. Trikala Farms farmers guarantee taste and top quality.

When you try the Butternut Squash you will know how squash should taste like!

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New Products

Trikala Farms Ltd, the well known producer and packager of Butternut Squash and Sweet Potatoes presents its new line: Top of the Top Frozen or Fresh Cut diced butternut squash and Sweet Potatoes are prepared from fresh, clean, sound, plants of the common commercial varieties. The product is blanched, cut and individually Quick Frozen in accordance to the EU good manufacturing practices and customer needs. They are totally free of additives and preservatives.

They taste like squash and sweet potatoes should!

Top of the Top Product and material shall be of excellent quality and shall be prepared under strict sanitary conditions to minimize the possibility of contamination during manufacture.

Incorporate our great, new product in your favorite recipe on the package. Always serve the best to your family, friends and guests. As with all products, we strive to provide an all natural product with no additives and preservatives.


The chopped orange cubes of fresh Butternut and Sweet Potato will fill your cuisine with color and aroma straight from the fertile Thessaly valley. The proved nutritious value of these products and the ease of cooking will upgrade your cuisine while saving you time and effort. No need to carry and peel the Squashes. The delicate cubes are ready-to-eat and can be frozen or used immediately for your delicacies. Treat your guests with a delicious dish with the guarantee of Trikala Farms’ Fresh Butternut and Sweet Potatoes cubes and let your senses go wild!

New modified atmosphere packaging. The new package benefits from modified atmosphere for a much longer shelf life. The produce complies with ISO22000.

Frozen cut Butternuts Squash and Georgia Jet Sweet Potato. New IQF freezing system. The chopped cubes are getting frozen now with the help of the new freezing installation system (IQF).


TrikalaFarms LTD - Filira, 42100, Trikala, Greece, tel: (+30) 210 6120090, fax: (+30) 210 6120383, email: info@touron.gr - info@trikalafarms.gr