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Trikala Farms LTD

Cultivation, Packaging and Trading Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

FILIRA, 42100
TEL: +30 210 6120090
FAX: +30 210 6120383
email: info@touron.gr - info@trikalafarms.gr


Cultivation of Butternut Squash

Plants will grow very quickly in sunny conditions. Water generously in dry spells, particularly when fruit forming – plants are shallow rooted, so thorough watering 1-2 times per week is better than occasional soaking. If possible, water must be concentrated at centre of plant, though trailing stems often make own short roots which also take up water & nutrients.

Cultivation of Sweet Potatoes

The plant does not tolerate frost. It grows best at an average temperature of 24 °C (75 °F), abundant sunshine and warm nights. Annual rainfalls of 750–1000 mm are considered most suitable, with a minimum of 500 mm in the growing season. The crop is sensitive to drought at the tuber initiation stage 50–60 days after planting and is not tolerant to water-logging, as it may cause tuber rots and reduce growth of storage roots if aeration is poor.

Microclimate of the area is ideal for these cultivations
TrikalaFarms LTD - Filira, 42100, Trikala, Greece, tel: (+30) 210 6120090, fax: (+30) 210 6120383, email: info@touron.gr - info@trikalafarms.gr