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Trikala Farms LTD

Cultivation, Packaging and Trading Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

FILIRA, 42100

TEL: +30 210 6120090
+30 210 6120383
email: info@touron.gr - info@trikalafarms.gr

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New Products!

Trikala Farms LTD goes even further and brings its delicious Butternut Squash to your plate. Fresh or frozen Butternut squash is now peeled, washed and served for you and your guests.

The very best Butternut Squash is carefully picked and promises an outstanding taste free of additives and preservatives. Trikala Farms farmers guarantee taste and top quality.

When you try the Butternut Squash you will know how squash should taste like!

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Our Company

Trikala-Farms Ltd. owns 2 modern packing houses of 3500 and 1500 square meters each and refrigerating facilities with chambers of controlled atmosphere of  total 1500 square meters. Currently the company cultivates some 200 hectares and plans on expanding this extent in the following years.

The company has formed a team of 18 experienced growers that is being coordinated by a senior producer. All produce is processed and treated adequately in the company’s logistical facilities.

The company’s philosophy is innovation! Each year new breeds and methods are tried and incorporated. Trikala Farms is considered one of the most important Greek Exporters of fresh produce and therefore it is supported by the Greek Government and the European Union. .

All produce comply with:
GlobalGap, ISO 22000 and TNC

News - Announcements

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TrikalaFarms LTD - Filira, 42100, Trikala, Greece, tel: (+30) 210 6120090, fax: (+30) 210 6120383, email: info@touron.gr - info@trikalafarms.gr